Bacterial and Fungal Infectious Diseases

It has been already stated that infectious diseases are provoked and triggered by the microorganisms like bacteria, virus, fungi or parasite. The microorganism that causes infections are called as pathogens. In the case of fungal diseases, it is often caused due to fungi present in the atmosphere of the region. Basically, fungi lives outdoor that is in soil, plants and trees as well as indoors on surfaces and human skin. Most of the fungi are not dangerous. When it comes to bacteria, majority of the bacteria won’t hurt or cause any harm to human and only less than 1% of the total makes people sick but the rest are helpful. There are few bacteria’s which helps in food digestion, destruction of diseased cells and provides the number of required vitamins to the body. Bacteria’s are used for making cheese and yogurt while infectious or pathogenic bacteria make people ill and sick.


  • Candidiasis
  • White-nose syndrome
  • Tetanus
  • Syphilis

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